The purpose of the Ethical Code is to provide an overview of the rules, which the company Deluxtrade s.r.o. consider as the basic rules of its successful activities. The Ethical Code recognizes the fundamental human rights and ethical principles such as integrity, honesty, trust, respect, humanity, tolerance and responsibility in the following 8 areas:
1. Informations and Services

We always give an advance notice to the client about the payment for our services and we also warn the client of possible risks. We provide the informations and services on the basis of objective and factual knowledge with regard to the requirements of the client. We do not misuse the advantage of the client´s lack of knowledge.
2. Expertness

Our main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and therefore accepts only those orders that we are able to realize.
3. Confidentiality

The company undertakes all the information regarding relationship between the company Deluxtrade s.r.o. and its trading partners to keep confidential and do not disclose without the Client's prior consent.
4. Professionalism

We always act in an ethical and professional manner. We put our client first. Our reputation will earn the respect it deserves if we act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings and do what we think is right at all times. We do not accept orders that are contrary to our code of ethics and the law of the Slovak Republic and the People's Republic of China or countries within the CEE region.
5. Environment

We minimize the use of paper and energy.
6. Privacy

The information you provide will be treated according to Law no. 428/2002 on the protection of personal data. Any communication with the website including e-mail is secured with the cryptographic key used to secure the data against disclosure and misuse.
7. Competition

Deluxtrade company actively competes in many business activities and their activities in the market are managed in accordance with the rules of fair competition and in compliance with applicable laws on competition. We obtain competitive information exclusively by fair means.
8. Relations with partners

We strive to build our relations with clients on mutual understanding. We are constantly striving to maintain good relations which are a prerequisite for success and satisfaction on both sides. We comply with all the requirements under the treaties, and we expect the same from our suppliers, partners and clients.
Ing. Ján Bielik
Managing Director of Deluxtrade s.r.o.

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