Some of our business partners

National Bank of Slovakia

National Bank of Slovakia was created on 1 January 1993 under the Act no. 566/1992 Coll. as an independent central bank of the Slovak republic. Since 1 January 2009, National Bank of Slovakia has been part of the Eurosystem. In cooperation with the European Central Bank and central banks of the euro area countries, it maintains the price stability.

Spectulum Alchemiae Prague 
(Czech republic)

This world unique museum  is located in the heart of the Prague and listed by UNESCO. This house is probably the second oldest building in Prague. During the 16th century, this building was a place where the Emperor Rudolf II. established his alchemical laboratory. This place has a Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor. Deluxtrade s.r.o. exclusively represents producer of  elixirs and drinkable gold.

Slovak Royal Crystal (Slovakia)

This brand represents the handwork of beautiful Slovak crystal, which is exclusively made to order for the lovers of original certified products mostly for export to Asia.

Business and Innovation Centre 

Business and innovation consulting, transnational technology transfer, financial consulting, regional development, support in the EU Framework Programmes for research, technology development and innovation, project management and investment consulting. We are a co-ordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network representation in Slovakia, one of the co-founders of the SPICE (Science Parks and Innovation Centre Expert) Group and of the Slovak Association of BICs and RAICs.

Pelican (Slovakia)

The company s.r.o. is the largest online ticket seller and seller of complementary travelling products. provides for its clients intelligent solutions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Platon Technologies 
(Slovakia, USA)

The company with  its own data - center Chemtech providing webhosting and serverhousing services in Slovakia and USA.

Chinese for Europeans 
(Poland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Lithuania)

The Project "Chinese for Europeans" addresses the needs resulting from bilateral relationships between EU and China. The project will directly respond to the growing demand for educational materials concerning Chinese, in the form of profiled courses for entrepreneurs, tourists, students and children.

Other important partners of Deluxtrade s.r.o. :

  • MEDIA FILM (Slovakia, Czech republic)
  • European Travel Insurance Group (Slovakia)
  • Asia Center Budapest (Hungary)
  • Governance Institute (Czech republic)
  • Meridian-Trade (Russian Federation, Czech republic)
  • China Study (Slovakia)
  • Meriad Containermontage (Germany)
  • Eurodružstvo Bratislava (Slovakia)

We are actively cooperating  with many state and private institutions, organizations and companies in Europe, China and other Asian countries. We maintain friendly relations with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Slovak republic, General Consulate in Shanghai, the Slovak Embassy in Beijing and many other organizations and institutions across Europe and Asia.

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