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China's first 3rd-party charity watchdog set up

Guangzhou leads the country by establishing China's first independent charity watchdog to address public concerns over charity funding transparency.

The committee, comprising 15 members, was devised to supervise charity organizations in the capital city of South China's Guangdong province.

The Guo Meimei-triggered scandal, in which a young Guo Meimei bragged about her flashy lifestyle on Sina Weibo, toppled public confidence in China's Red Cross Society, and still casts a shadow over the country's charity organizations.

Tao Ziji, former deputy Party chief of the city, was selected on Wednesday to lead the 15 members who were selected from different walks of life, such as retired officials, legal experts, accountants, journalists and doctors.

"I have been retired for more than one year, and I am not affiliated with any institution," said Tao, stressing the organization's independence.

"We will make our own voice instead of being susceptible to micro-bloggers or the government," said Zhu Gangjian, one of the members.


Bezplatný monitoring správ o Číne

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